Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some of our most recent work...

5x7 3-way; $125 without hooks
This frame was made for a friend who wanted an oversized 3-way frame. We used 8" boards with 2" moulding to separate each 5x7 picture. We used her own personal hooks. The total dimensions of this frame is 25"x37".

3 ft. wall shelf as seen in Pottery Barn; $40
6 in. deep, 8 in. tall

custom sofa table; $400

Double Bulletin Board; $100
This bulletin board was created for our own kitchen to help organize art projects, birthday invitations, and any other important papers. It makes a fun way for each child to get their own board for their own papers, AND it's all organized into one!
20 1/2" x 46 1/2"

30x30 matte black frame; $250
this frame was made with 8-inch boards

dollhouse bookshelf; $300
46" x 52" x 12"

custom mantle; $250

custom made 3-way beadboard; $100

4-way 4x6 Louisville Slugger frame; $125

11x14 black and cream with extra-large moulding; $115

11x14 tan and cream with extra-large moulding; $115

8x10 matte black with antique white moulding; $65

5x7 custom 3-way beadboard to match baby's bedding; $75

7-way opening; $75

Beadboard Frames

rustic white 4x6 2-way; $65

5x7 brown and aqua; $60

3-way 4x6; $75

5x7 khaki and brown; $55

8x10 blue and mint green; $60

8x10 baby blue and white; $60

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Special Occasion/Holiday Frames

"Boo Frame"; $20
4x6, 3 in. wood

...add a holiday applique to the "long and skinny" frame

"HOHOHO" red and green 8x10 frame; $40

Multi-Opening Picture Frames

4-way black/cream, 5x7 openings; $80

This frame was created for someone who wanted a 3-way with one 8x10 and two 5x7 openings.

The 3-way frames can be made in any color and can be hung vertical or horizontal. They will hold 3 5x7 pictures; $75 each

This frame was created for those who needed two vertical pictures and one horizontal picture in the middle. It can be finished in any color. $85

This 3-way holds 5x7 pictures and was finished with avacado and black; $85

This 3-way holds 4x6 pictures; $80

This 3-way frame was created for three verical 4x6 pictures; $70

antique blue with cream moulding; $75

antique blue holds 3 5x7 pictures; $65

5x7 avacado/brown holds 3 vertical pictures; $65

Need a unique way to hang jackets, hats, backpacks, or diaper bags?? Add hooks to your 3-way frame for $15 extra!

This frame was created for a friend who needed two 3x5 openings and two 8x10's; $95

2-way black/cream with large moulding; $60

"Wavy" Frames...

The wavy frames can also be painted any color.
Without moulding, $35
With moulding, $40

Dots, Ribbon, and Blocks...

Thanks to the Northwest Rankin High School Cheerleader moms for ordering 32 polka dot frames for their daughters as a camp "happy"! We hope you enjoy them!

8x10 red with baby blocks, $50

5x7 brown w/blue dots, $30

4x6 brown w/pink dots, $25

4x6 lime/pink with ribbon; $25

Monogrammed/Personalized Frames

Customize a frame for your favorite team!
This frame headed to Western Kentucky University.
4x6 frame without letters $25
add $2 per letter

Monogrammed and personalized frames can be created with any name you need. You may even want just a simple word to help personalize the picture you are framing. Various appliques can be applied....sports balls, sailboats, trains, fish, flowers, stars, etc.

4x6 name or applique; $30
4x6 name and applique; $35

This red and gold frame was accented with a black "m". Any letter may be applied or you may choose to personalize a frame with three initials.

5x7 frame without moulding $40
add $2.00 for each letter applied

"Dream" frame; $40

Sports Related Frames...

Distressed 8x10 blue frame with various sports balls and an "Allstar" applique, $40
A hook can be added to the frame for hanging your little allstar's baseball cap or even his jersey!